A set for the second year

Official site of the Admission Committee of the Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko

Rules of admission to the Taras Shevchenkov National University of Kyiv in 2018

Results for a specialized examination of Software Engineering based on a junior specialist
Results for a professional examination of Computer Science based on a junior specialist
Results for a professional exam Applied Programming based on a junior specialist

Lists recommended for enrollment (on the basis of a junior specialist’s qualification certificate)

A set of students for the second year

The terms of acceptance of applications and documents, and enrollment for studying OR “Bachelor” on the basis of a diploma of junior specialist (2nd year)

List of documents for the Bachelor’s Degree on the basis of a junior specialist’s diploma (2nd year)

Schedule of entrance exams for admission to the 1 st, 2 nd (3 rd) courses on the basis of RBC Junior Specialist

Entrance test programs for the second day of study form at the “Bachelor” level based on the junior specialist in the following areas


121 Software Engineering

  • software engineering: (download)
  • in-depth study of languages ​​and programming technologies, development of software tools and software systems for solving various tasks. Special attention during the training will be devoted to practical programming on request of enterprises.


122 Computer Sciences and Information Technologies

  • computer science: (download)
  • the design, development, implementation and operation of information-control systems, decision support systems and expert systems, data mining and knowledge systems, pattern recognition systems, intelligent robotic systems, the processing of prirodomovnoï



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