Iryna Domanetska

Доманецька Ірина Миколаївна

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Intelligent Technologies. 

Higher Education:

Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute. Systems engineer.

Defended Thesis:

  • PhD: 05.13.12 – Systems of automation of design works,
    «Methods and tools of automated ecological and economic expertise of construction projects».

Work experience: 

  • 1987-1995. Kyiv Technical University of Engineering and Architecture. Postgraduate student, assistant, Associate professor.
  • 1995-1997. Research Institute of Automated Planning and Control Systems in Construction (NIASB). Senior Researcher.
  • 1997-2015. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. Associate professor.

Scientific papers: 

More than 100 scientific works, including 2 textbooks, 29 articles in professional editions of Ukraine, 35 abstracts at conferences.


Main publications:

1. Monographs, textbooks, tutorials
– A textbook on the discipline “Algorithm Theory. Part 1. Formal Models of Algorithms” for students of educational programs “Computer Science,” “Data Analytics” in the specialty 122 “Computer Science” at the Bachelor’s degree level by Domanetska I.M., Krasovska H.V., Ilarionov O.Ye., Fedusenko O.V. [Electronic resource]: Tutorial-workbook / Domanetska I.M. – Kyiv: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2020. – 138 p. (in Ukrainian)
– A textbook for students of the specialty 122 “Computer Science” on the discipline “Design and Development of Web Applications” Part 1. HTML5 and CSS3 by Fedusenko O.V., Domanetska I.M., Ilarionov O.Ye., Krasovska H.V. [Electronic resource]: Textbook / Fedusenko O.V. – Kyiv: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2023. – 139 p. (in Ukrainian) (link)
– O.V. Fedusenko, I.M. Domanetska, H.V. Krasovska. Designing Electronic Document Management Systems. Tutorial. Kyiv: Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, 2016. 88 p. (in Ukrainian)
H.V. Krasovska, I.M. Domanetska, O.V. Fedusenko. Application of Object-Oriented Approach in the Example of Construction Industry Problems. Tutorial. Kyiv: Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, 2016. 116 p. (in Ukrainian)

2. Publications indexed by Scopus or Web of Science
– Domanetska, I., Krasovska, H. Features of the formation of a unified educational-information space for geographically and organizationally distributed universities // Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on TCSET 2016, 2016, pp. 842–844, 7452201
– • Fedusenko О. В., Domanetska І. М., and Semeniuk D. Y., “Development of a computer game with voice interface for learning English by preschool children”, ITLT, vol. 85, no. 5, pp. 95–117, Nov. 2021 (in Ukrainian) (link)
– Iryna, D., Anton, K., Hanna, K., Bohdan, Y. Corporate system users identification by the keyboard handwriting based on neural networks. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, 2019, 9(1), pp. 4156–4161 (link)
– Khrolenko, Y., Domanetska, I., Ilarionov, O., Krasovska, H., Fedusenko, O. Classifier for the Diagnostic of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome(Conference Paper) Information Technology and Implementation (IT&I-2023), November 30 – December 02, 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2023, 3384, pp. 24–41 (link)
– Yankovy, I., Ilarionov, O., Krasovska, H., Domanetska, I. Classifier of liver diseases according to textural statistics of ultrasound investigation and convolutional neural network / II International Scientific Symposium «Intelligent Solutions» IntSol-2021, September 28–30, 2021, Kyiv-Uzhhorod, Ukraine. 2021, 3018, pp. 60–69 (link)

Scientific interests:

Intellectual e-learning technologies, Neural Network Technologies in Complex Formalized Problems.

Scientific and International activity:

  • Participated in international project Adaptive learning environment for competence in economic and societal impacts of local weather, air quality and climate (ECOIMPACT)

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