Anastasiia Nikolaienko

НІколаєнкоPh.D., Assistant of the Department of Software Systems and Technologies.

Higher Education:

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, specialty “Physical and Biomedical Electronics”, qualification “Research Engineer”, master’s degree with honors.

Defended Thesis:

  • PhD: 05.13.12 – Systems of automation of design works,
    “Methods to reduce uncertainty on the initial stages of systems design with variable structure”.

Work experience: 

  • 2008-2021 – International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of Ukraine. Category I software engineer, junior researcher, researcher.
  • Since 2021 – Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Assistant.

Scientific papers: 

40 scientific papers and 5 certificates of copyright (computer program). Scopus indexed articles – 5. The Hirsch Index in Scopus – 1, in Google Scholar – 3.


Publications indexed by Scopus or Web of Science:
– Yermakova I., Nikolaienko A., Tadeieva J., Bogatonkova A., Solopchuk Y., Gandhi O., “Computer model for heat stress prediction during physical activity.” 2020 IEEE 40th International scientific conference electronics and nanotechnology (ELNANO). Kyiv, Ukraine, 2020, April 22-24, pp. 569-573. (Scopus, WoS) (link)
– Gandhi O., Yermakova I., Tadeieva J. Nikolaienko A. “Computer Modeling of Human Thermoregulation for Electromagnetic Hyperthermia.” 2019 IEEE 39th International scientific conference electronics and nanotechnology. (ELNANO). Kiev, Ukraine, 2019, April 16-28, pp. 475-479. (Scopus, WoS) (link)
– Hrytsenko V., Nikolaienko A., Solopchuk Y., Yermakova I., Regan M. “Dynamics of Physiological Responses during Long Distance Run: Modelling.” 2018 IEEE 38th International scientific conference electronics and nanotechnology (ELNANO). Kiev, Ukraine, 2018, April 24-26, pp. 439-442. (Scopus, WoS) (link)
– Yermakova I., Nikolaienko A., Solopchuk Y. Thermal Dynamic Processes in Human during Air and Water Impact. Proceedings of the 34th International scientific conference electronics and nanotechnology. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Kiev, Ukraine, 15-18 April 2014, – pp. 326-328. ISBN 978-1-4799-4582-5. (Scopus, WoS) (link)
– Yermakova I., Ivanushkina N., Nikolaienko A., Solopchuk Y. Complex of computer models for prediction cold stress in water. Visnyk NTUU KPI Seriia – Radiotekhnika Radioaparatobuduvannia, No. 60, pp. 122-130. (WoS) (link)
– Yermakova I., Nikolaienko A., Regan M. Mathematical Models for Evaluation of Physiological Risks in Distance Runners. International Conference on Biological, Medical and Chemical Engineering (BMCE2013). DEStech Publications, Hong Kong, China, 01-02 December, 2013. – pp. 708-712. ISBN 978-1-60595-144-7. (WoS) (link)

Scientific interests:

Information technology, mathematical modeling.


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