Kravchenko Yuriy Vasilievich


Kravchenko Yuriy Vasilievich — Head of the Network & Internet Technologies Department, Doctor of Engineering (2007,), Professor (2007).

Graduated from Kiev higher military aviation engineering school in 1986; full-time adjunctur of the Kiev Institute of Air Force (Department of Cybernetics) in 1998; the National Academy of Defense of Ukraine.

Got the Master’s Degree in Military Management in 2004;  Ph.D at the National Academy of Defense in 2005.

Scientific and pedagogical activity: Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Cybernetics Department in the Kyiv Institute of Air Force, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department, Head of the Department, Deputy Head of the academic work in Information Technologies Institute of the National Defense University of Ukraine.

The author of more than 100 scientific works and inventions.

Professor, who prepared 10 Ph.Ds.

The field of scientific interests is the functional stability of computer and other complex technical systems.

Topic of his postgraduate diploma: “Redistributional models and methods for the functionally stable computer system tasks of an aviation-space rocket complex”.

Topic of his doctorate: “Theoretical basics of building a functionally stable information system for the military purposes”.

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