Reference number (within the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) +380 (44) 239-33-33.


The Dean of the Faculty of Information TechnologiesIurii M. Tesla, 481-45-07 (room 302).

Reception of the Dean’s office: 481-45-07, internal line: 45-07 (room 301).


Deputy Dean of Scientific Work and International RelationsOleg E. Ilarionov, tel. 481-44-07, internal line: 44-07, e-mail: (room 303).

Deputy Dean of Educational WorkMarina O. Mostapalova, Tel. 481-45-53, internal line: 45-53, e-mail: (room 206).

Deputy Dean of the Organization and DevelopmentPetro M. Chaika, tel. 481-45-55, internal line: 45-55, e-mail: (room 308).


Department of Educational and Analytical work: 481-45-53, inter. line: 45-53 (room 320).


Department of Control Technologies: Head of the DepartmentViktor V. Morozov , inter. line: 44-67 (room 413).

Department of Cybersecurity and Information Protection: Head of the DepartmentOleksandr H. Oksiyuk , inter. line: 44-78 (room 411).

Department of Intellectual and Information Systems: Head of the DepartmentVitaliy E. Snytyuk, inter. line: 44-67 (room 412).

Department of Programming and Computer Engineering: Head of the DepartmentAleksey S. Bychkov, inter. line: 44-78 (room 408).

Department of Applied Information Systems: Head of the DepartmentValentina L. Pleshkach, inter. line: 45-82 (room 415).

Department of Networking and Internet Technologies: Head of the DepartmentIurii V. Kravchenko  , inter. line: 45-82 (room 414).



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