Master’s Programmes

Qualification Level: Master
Educational Field: 12 “Information Technology”
Major: 122 “Computer Science and Information Technology”

Project Management Educational Programme
Specialization: IT Project Management
Project Management deals with the  organization, planning and supervision of the processes of development and deployment of information technologies and systems; professional management of IT projects in all sectors of the economy, business, government; management of project teams; management of project risks, cost, information, deadlines, human resources.
Mode of attendance: full-time study; extramural.
Tutorial: 2 years.

Information Analytics and Impacts Educational Programme
Specialization: consolidated information analyst.
The graduates of the programme are experts in studing a variety of information sources, developing analytical reviews on the received information and appling information impacts for the purposes of any area.
Mode of attendance: full-time study.
Tutorial: 2 years.

The Master’s Programmes are available to the gratuates, who already obtained Bachelor or Master  degree in any major.

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