Trade union bureau

Trade Union Bureau is part of the trade union.

  1. Trade union – a unified organization staff and students of the University. This non-political public organization which has a strong legal framework that can solve a variety of issues that may arise throughout the university.
  2. Through monthly trade union you can get discounted tickets on the subway and other public transportation.
  3. With trade union you can relax during a vacation in the mountains or on the bases of the University.
  4. Through trade union you can concessional healthier during the study in the university health center.
  5. Trade union provides advice about available social programs, rights and obligations of students at the university and the city of Kiev and can help you arrange for financial assistance.
  6. Through trade union you can find a job in terms of part-time and during holidays.
  7. A trade union you can arrange a international student card (ISIC), which entitles involved in the program of assistance and cooperation with students in different countries and receive various discounts both in these countries and in Ukraine.

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