Billing details

The order for enrollment was issued on August 9, 2016 for the “Bachelor” degree, according to the contract payment must be made within 5 days after the order. That is, until August 16.

Billing details:

Billing account No. 31251202114095

in the State University of Social Sciences in Kyiv

Bank code is 820172

USREOU – 02070944

In the notes for payment, you must indicate the number of your contract and the abbreviation of our faculty “FIT”.

Do not forget to come and pick up your copy of the contract at the Dean’s Office of the Information Technology Faculty, cab. 320 (Vandi Vasilevskoj str., 24), tel. 481-45-53. The dean’s office should include a receipt for the payment made or send a scan to the faculty’s e-mail.

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