Project management & information analytics and impacts

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Sphere of knowledge – 12 “Information Technology”

Specialty: 122 “Computer Science and Information Technology”


  1. Educational program: “Project Management”

Specialization: IT project management

Project management – organization, planning and control of the processes of creation and implementation of information technology and systems; professional management of IT projects in all fields of economy, business, public administration; management of project teams; risk management, cost, information, terms, labor resources of projects.

Forms of study: full-time, part-time.

Training period – 2 years.


  1. Educational program: “Information analytics and impacts”

Specializations: Analytical work management and Business analyst

Information analytics and impacts – an educational program that focuses on providing knowledge and competencies in the field of Data Science. In the framework of this program, students receive scientific and professional training for:

  • creating & using the systems and technologies of information analysis and influence according to modern concepts of data and knowledge engineering;
  • information modeling to ensure the effective functioning of the organization systems;
  • the development and use of computer facilities and methods of processing of information analysis;
  • the development of methodologies and technologies for the design, construction, implementation, support and maintenance software information and information influences;
  • providing computer information support;
  • automation and optimization of all types of works with information analysts and influences.

Form of study: full-time only

Training period: 1 year 9 months

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About the Master Program “Information Analysis and Influence”   (UKR)

Examples of questions (introductory professional exam) >>>

We invite you to study and gain the Master’s degree if you have any other Bachelor or Master’s degree (any speciality is allowed).

What do you need to apply:

  1. Application
  2. 1 file + 2 envelopes (with stamps)
  3. 4 photos of 3×4 cm
  4. Copy of the diploma
  5. Copy of the diploma supplement
  6. A copy of the certificate (examination letter copy if the entrant takes  exams)
  7. Passport copy
  8. Copy of tax payer’s account registration number (identification code)
  9. Copy of registration certificate/military ticket
  10. Other documents (including copies of documents giving the right to non-competitive entry, priority registration, additional points, etc.)
  11. Permission for the collection and processing of personal data
  12. English certificate
  13. Folder

At the Faculty of Information Technologies, there are also PHD and Doctor programs.

The address of the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technologies to graduates of the University >>>

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