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It is commonly known that the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is amongst the best and most prestigious universities in Ukraine for international students. It is an institution of higher education that trains specialists in many fields of knowledge and carries out research. The University is a member of various international projects which are directly aimed at establishing a partnership in the field of higher education. The curricula of all Taras Shevchenko University faculties are based on the combination of academic instruction with student’s research work and the combination of thorough theoretical knowledge with specific skills.

Nowadays, our computer and communication systems themselves are easily disabled by anonymous vandals. Can we rely on professionals to help us ward off those attacks and keep things working? Who are these professionals? Who is educating them?

The Faculty of Information Technologies proposes a great opportunity of studying for students from all parts of the world. FIT believes that all innovations originate in ideas. Our research labs concentrate on producing ideas and spreading them around through scientific publication and conferences.

Currently, the stress is on student’s ability to work independently and meet employer’s requirements, thus practical experience in the field being of foremost importance. Having acquired theoretical knowledge in the first and the second year, in their third year undergraduates choose an area to specialize in. At the same time, they choose a field for their independent study, joining elective special seminars; the results of the research are usually presented at the meetings of students’ scientific societies or at scientific conferences, the most interesting results are published.

The IT industry offers a wide range of positions that vary in their requirements and expectations. To start an IT career, you should have a reasonable idea of the requirements of the area you are interested in. Our faculty prepares high-qualified professionals in the following areas:

122 Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Computer Science: design, development, implementation, and operation of information management systems, decision support systems and expert systems, data mining systems, pattern recognition systems, intelligent robotic systems, natural language processing systems.
  • Applied Information Systems: development of application software (application software packages) through the use of modern information technology almost in all activities in various subject areas.

121 Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering: an advanced study of programming languages and techniques, development of programming tools and software systems for solving problems. Special attention during the study is paid to the practical programming based on orders of operating enterprises.

125 Cyber Security

  • Security of Information and Communication Systems: development and application of information security tools in IT; development and application of technologies for creating complex information security systems.
  • Information Security Management: threats and offenders models development, risk analysis, development of security policy and information protection plan; information security audit in enterprises.

172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

  • Networking and Internet Technologies: subscriber spread spectrum access systems development and operation using advanced technology solutions; hardware and software for mobile operators; development, maintenance and use of web-based technologies in information systems.


Project Management
Specialization: IT Project Management. Project Management deals with the organization, planning, and supervision of the processes of development and deployment of information technologies and systems; professional management of IT projects in all sectors of the economy, business, government; management of project teams; management of project risks, cost, information, deadlines, human resources.

Mode of attendance: full-time study; extramural.
Tutorial: 2 years.

Information Analytics and Impacts
Specialization: consolidated information analyst. The graduates of the programme are experts in studying a variety of information sources, developing analytical reviews on the received information and applying information impacts for the purposes of any area.

Mode of attendance: full-time study.
Tutorial: 2 years.


The best students of the faculty will have the opportunity for various educational and scientific programs to attend major educational and scientific institutions of the world. Already during studies students can perform practical tasks ordered by private and public organizations and institutions. Besides, Project Management masters will be able to get a “D” certificate by International Project Management Association and work in the respective sphere in public and commercial structures, banks, research institutes, design offices, computers centers, and universities.

Necessary documents for entering

Foreign citizens who come to study at the University to all faculty and educational levels (bachelor, specialist, master), should bring their documents to the Faculty for International Students:

Bohdan Havrylyshyn str., 24
Mon. – Fri .: 9:00 – 18:00; Sat .: 10.00 – 14.00.

Enrollment – up to 10 September.

  1. The documents are given by the entrants:

1.1. National passport with a type “D” visa (04/12) (original, copy and Ukrainian translation of all pages with notes).

* Type “D” visa is issued on the basis of the invitation of the University for training.
** In order to get an invitation you should give to the Faculty for International Students the following documents:

  • motivation letter with an objective to study at the University;
  • copy of the passport;
  • the document on earlier received education and annex with estimates or academic certificate;
  • written consent to personal data collection and processing.
  • Documents in a scanned form can be sent by mail to the faculty.

*** Type “D” visa is not required for citizens of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan – citizens of these countries enter Ukraine without a visa;

1.2. Birth certificate (original and translated into Ukrainian notarized copy).
1.3. Certificate (original and translated into Ukrainian notarized copy).
1.4. Medical health certificate certified by an official health authority of the country of the foreigner and gotten no earlier than two months before the departure of the foreigner to study to Ukraine (original).
1.5. Certificate of HIV-infection absence (original).
1.6. 10 photos 3 x 4 cm.
1.7. Information about the refusal of Ukraine citizenship or the loss of Ukraine citizenship for students – foreigners who were born in Ukraine after 1991 and later acquired citizenship of other countries.

  1. Documents issued at the University for entering:

2.1. Application.
2.2. Questionnaire.
2.3. Consent to personal data collection and processing.
2.4. Education in the University Agreement.

By entering the University, foreign citizens are required to draw up a contract of obligatory insurance for emergency medical care.

Rules for admitting foreigners and stateless persons for study (English)

Addition 5.1. The list of specialties and study programmes announced to be taught in foreign languages, licensed volume for studying Bachelor degree (English)

On issues related to the entry of foreign citizens to study at the university, contact the Faculty for International Students:

03022 m. Kyiv, str. Vasylkivska, 36, room 90;
tel. / fax (044) 521-35-87;
Web: or

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Attention! This year Admission Office will be located directly at the Faculty of Information Technologies: 
UA-04116, KYIV, Bohdan Havrylyshyn str., 24.

Tel: +380 44 481 44 07 – deputy dean for scientific work and international relations – Ph.D. in Engineering Science Paliy V. Sergiy.


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